One of our favorite past times when not creating is reading. All of our handmade items are a must have for any avid or recreational reader. Whether it’s one of our bookmarks keeping your place or a page holder helping keep your book open while reading, our items are a unique addition to your collection.

Book Page Holders

Read with just one hand! Our book page holders help you to hold the pages in your book wide open for convenient reading with one hand. That leaves a free hand for traveling, cooking, or a drink! Made from epoxy resin, it’s lightweight, compact and portable for all your on the go needs! Simply slide it on your thumb, pick up your favorite book and the two wings will keep it open! Cannot be used without a thumb as a book weight!

 AN AMAZING GIFT IDEA – Perfect gift for teachers, librarians, bookworms, bibliophiles, or anyone who loves to read books or collect novelty items.

Reading Material

This is a book we are very proud of. My late mother wrote this book before her passing and was in the process of getting it published at her time of death. It took 25 years and several advances in technology, but we were able to complete one of her last accomplishments.


Our bookmarks are made of acrylic or resin and are perfect for an evening curled up on couch, while relaxing on vacation, or even waiting in the car rider line at school. A necessary accessory to any book lovers reading experience.

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