Resin Creations

Epoxy Resin has become one of my favorite art forms in creating. It’s always fun to see what comes out. Some of the items I have created using resin range from game sets to plant pots to keychains. Keep your eyes peeled for new items at anytime. 


Our resin games are all one of a kind. No matter the design idea, no 2 pours turn out alike. All games can be customized to your requested likes. All 3 games offered are perfect additions for any game night.

*The chess sets come with the 32 chess pieces and a chess board.  (Checker pieces to match are also available at an additional price).

*The Domino Sets are the traditional 28 tile game set.

*The Tic Tac Toe board and game pieces are a fun new spin on your favorite road trip game.

All customized orders will vary on turn around time, but I aim to have them made and shipped within 7 days of ordering.

Duck Duck Jeep

Jeep ducking is a phenomenon that started as random act of kindness during the pandemic. Since the first duck was placed on a cross country roadtrip, the idea of leaving ducks has exploded worldwide.  These resin Jeep duck keychains are a fun way to partake in the duck others or keep for yourself. Customized ducks can be made in your favorite color(s), theme, or even add a name to them. 

Customized orders will vary in turn around time.

Check out this article to learn more about the origins of Jeep Ducking.

Everything Plants

Lets face it, I love plants, you love plants, we all love plants. If your house is starting to look like mine, then you’re always propagating some kind of plant or cutting a fresh flower to display from the yard. Our resin plant stands are perfect for all plant lovers growing green space. The small pots are great for succulents or small rooted plants.  All can be customized too.


Self Defense

Our self defense keychains are the ideal item to carry with you for a little extra piece of mind, which is what this momma’s heart needed for my soon to be driver. Whether you prefer something small and slender like the Kubotan sticks or something with a little more umph, we’ve got you covered. All are light weight and easily attach to your keys or a lanyard.

The “knuckle” keychains are ideal to put some extra force behind a punch in the event of an attack. You simply slide your fingers in the holes and use the sharp point(s) to plunge into the attacker.

The Kubotan sticks have grooved grips for maximum control. When jabbed into a nerve point, it can cause temporary paralysis or extreme pain, allowing you to get away.

Containers and Kitchen

I love it when my items are easily contained and I bet you do too.

We had guitar picks that ended up in random places around our house until now. These cute little pick boxes easily hold several picks and fit into pockets for convienent travel.

Our jars are ideal for storing anything you can think of. The lids twist on for a tight fit. I use them for organizing my small craft pieces and bulk spices.

Our newest item is the spoon rest. It’s a perfect fit for any spoon or cooking utensil to rest on while you’re cooking to keep your countertops clean.

It is recommended to hand wash all items to get the best life span out of them.

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